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Our team utilizes the collective impact framework to drive our common agenda of post-secondary options and access for all. “Collective impact is a structured, multi-sector approach to changing systems for improved population-level outcomes. Unlike other approaches to collaboration, collective impact is defined by long-term alignment around a common agenda that seeks to address root causes of a systemic problem.” (

Jamet Colton



Jamet Colton grew up in Santiago, Chile in a dictatorship in a politically charged neighborhood.
Jamet’s neighborhood, her community, her life experiences made her a lifelong activist from
inclusion on la plaza (playground) to interpreting to community organizing. Keenly aware of
injustices and inequities that permeate society, she has made her life purpose to increase
visibility to those historically relegated. She does this by centering equity as a guiding principle
and embracing a culture of dignity and belonging. In 2017 she was honored to receive the 2017
Ames Humanitarian Award for her work to build bridges in the community and promote
diversity, inclusion, and equity. Inspired to take her community service and activism to the next
level, Jamet ran and was elected to the Ames School Board in the Fall of 2017. As Story County
College Access Network Director, Jamet is following her motto of Ahora es Cuando - Now is
when we work collectively and empower individuals to find their life's purpose. We connect
them with the community resources that they have contributed to but have not benefited from.


With a strong conviction of dignity for all Jamet moves forward honoring her past, living the
present with a clear purpose, and committed to create a bright future of equality of outcome for
all particularly our marginalized populations.

Anneke Mundel

Community Impact Director

United Way of Story County 

Anthony Jones

Director of Equity

Ames Community School District

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Sally Elbert

Prevention Specialist, Youth Employment and Development  


 Latifah Faisal

Story County Board of Supervisors

Story County


Reginald C. Stewart 

Sandra King 

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Iowa State University

Director, Story County External Operations and County Services 

Story County


Brenda Dryer 

Senior Vice President

Ames Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development


Liz Zuercher

Executive Director,

Story County Community Foundation


Steve Gray 


Nevada Community School District


Jerri Baumeister

Women United Director

United Way of Story County

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Malai Amfahr 

Story County Reads Director

United Way of Story County

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Taylor Schram 

Executive Director

Center for Creative Justice 

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Megan Sibbel

Tracy L Brown 

Vicki Hales 

Community Engagement Consultant, Iowa College Aid

Vice President, Operations 

Burke Corporation 


College, Career, and Dropout Prevention Coordinator

Ames Community School District